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Black Adder, the Z180 kit
June 25th, 2019
I am going to offer a limited edition kit, containing a Z180 cpu, a linear memory and a storage module, with a 5 slot backplane. All in black.

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#61c The Missing Module
April 21st, 2019
The module has been revised, added selectable I/O addresses. Uses only 16 I/O addresses. The companion to S. Cousins SC108 CPU and memory module.

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#35b Serial Module w/ SIO/2 and rs232
April 10th, 2019
Just another SIO/2 module with 2 FTDI ports and 1 RS232 port. Also containing a crystal oscillator.

I sell on Tindie

Kits on offer:
- 35e Serial Module
- 61c The Missing Module
- RC2014 Classic Repair Kit
- NeoClassic kit (empty PCBs)

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