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THE Z180 SIBLINGS (These kits are functional identical)
Left; "Black Adder" kit containing #25d Z180 CPU, #68a Linear Memory, #10e Storage module and #5c Backplane.
Right; the #70a Z180micro, #10f Storage module and #5c Backplane.

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#63b Z80 CPU, serial and clock
August 28th, 2019
The 63 module has been updated. Now with two oscillators, individual adjust speed for CPU and 68B50. The I/O address of 68B50 can be selected, and now working with ROMWBW. Also fixed the blinking LEDs for TX and RX.

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#67c Z80 KIO Module
March 4th, 2020
The module is a bit higher then normally modules due to the size of the KIO chip, and it has a 4 layer PCB.
The third revision of the KIO module has not been tested yet.

The module is still in an experimental stage and may not work in all setups.

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#70a Z180 Micro Module
September 3rd, 2019
This module is a self contained board (SBC) with everything onboard to run full CP/M 2 (using ROMWBW). It contains a Z180 CPU clocked at 18,432Mhz, with 2 serial ports, DMA and CTC. The module contains also 512k RAM and 512k ROM which is fully accessible.

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