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(This is not a complete list of contributors to the RC2014 community)

RC2014 forum!forum/rc2014-z80
The community forum for RC2014 users.

Spencer Owen
The inventor of the modular RC2014 kits.
The RC2014 Home
Info on kits, modules, backplanes and more.

Grant Searle
Developer of the Z80 single board computer, which many of the RC2014 modules have evolved from.
Also written a boot loader, and adapted Microsoft BASIC and CP/M to the system which we are using today.

Steve Cousins
Responsible for the Small Computer Central (IDE), and the boot loader ++; Small Computer Monitor.
Maker of many modules and backplanes, which is very well documented.
Home for Steve Cousins projects: modules, backplanes and Small Computer Monitor (SCM)

Scott M Baker
Scott has produced many modules which are extending the functionality of the RC2014 system.
The projects are documented on his web-page and in his Youtube videos.

Wayne Warthen
He is the repository holder of ROMWBW, an integrated boot loader and ROM implementation of CP/M with many extra functions.
This system is system agnostic and are working on many different retro computers.

Marten Feldtmann
Responsible for RC2014 Infobase, contains a lot of useful information about everything.
Marten has also produced a range of modules for the RC2014.

Bill Shen
He has made many single board computers, most notably in the this community is designing Z280 SBC and modules.
More information here:

JB Langston
He has designed several modules for the RC2014, most notably the z80ctrl, which used with other modules of his design, makes the RC2014 running old school games.
(Kamprath is selling his modules on Tindie)

Marco Maccaferri
The designer of ANSI / VT-100 Terminal board for the RC2014.

Ed Brindley
Designer of the YM2149 Sound Card, the 82C55-IDE controller, Real-Time Clock modules for the RC2014.

Rob Hobson
BusRaider Graphics & Debug Kit for RC2014
Bringing ZX81 and TRS80 compatibility to the RC2014.

Tom Szolyga
Publishing interesting designs to the comunity.


Sell RC2014 related stuff (search RC2014).

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