I sell on Tindie

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I started selling on Tindie in March 2019 and I have been developing kits since early spring 2018. My kits may not fit everyone, but may be suitable for someone seeking a special function or configuration. Many of these kits are compatible with the RC2014 ecosystem.

10f Storage Module, with IDE to CF adapter and CF card drive.

61f The Missing Module; includes serial port, bus clock and CF storage.

33f SerialModule, serial + bus clock

Repair/upgrade kit for RC2014 classic and RC2014 mini, transforming into 3 modules

Five empty PCB kit, for making a simple modular 8 bit computer, parts and backplane not included

Z180 micro (White), a complete system with CPU, RAM and ROM on a single module, supplied with ROMWBW
Can be supplied with backplane and storage module.

42d Memory Module 64k RAM, for repair and upgrading existing RAM/ROM modules.

65a Memory Module 512k RAM, and 512k ROM with ROMWBW included

Three empty PCB kit, for making a simple modular computer, parts and backplane not included

Z180 full kit "Black Adder" (Black), a complete kit with CPU, RAM and ROM, and backplane and storage.

22c A Z80 CPU + clock module


I sell computer hardware because it is fun, and I want more people to find pleasure tinkering with simple computers. I make a little profit from the sales, so I can e.g. cover lost or damaged products. The earning is low compared to the work invested into the operation. My reputation and satisfied customers are much more important than the money earned.

I buy most of the parts going into the kits from reputable distributors, from USA and Europe.
These parts are new, or new old stock, but unused and should be of very high quality.

I do however buy certain products from China and via eBay, and there are a few reasons for doing so, but the cost of the parts is not the most important.
1. I use a PCB manufacturing service in China, namely JLCPCB. They produce decent PCBs for a low cost, and the quality of service is very good. I have not had any issues with them so far.
2. Parts that are not available elsewhere; some parts are not in production anymore and recovered products has to be used. In this category is the serial controller MC68B50P ACIA. These chips are clearly used, but I have had very few or if any malfunctioning chips.
Compact Flash drives; obtaining good parts have been more demanding. I have obtained good and bad batches with CF drives, but I have tried to stick to the sellers providing the most consistent good batches. I now use an US company for supplying CF, providing so far, the best drives. A problem with Chinese CF drives, is that they have this habit of refurbishing and tampering the CF drives. A dirty CF card is a good sign.
3. CF connector to IDE cards. I cannot find these elsewhere for a reasonable price, so I buy these from eBay. I have had one batch with bad adapters so far.
4. Random parts; when I am low on a random part like a resistor. Buying this from a reputable vendor, though the cost of the product is the similar then China, the final cost is high due adding freight, VAT and toll charges. Buying this product from China and the shipping is free. I don’t buy essential parts in this way.

It is important for me that the products I sell works as intended, but I have not the capacity to test all parts in a kit. If the buyers experience that product doesn’t work, lost in shipping or damaged, I want them to contact me as soon as possible so we can find a good solution.