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#67a Z80 KIO module (EXPERIMENTAL)


  • Experimental module for the Z80 KIO, super-integration chip.
  • Providing 2 serial ports, 2 (3) parallel ports, DMA and CTC.
  • With option for two clocks onboard.

  • PCB - 67a
  • Z80 KIO = Z80C9010
  • PLCC-84 socket
  • 74HCT138
  • DIP-16 socket
  • Crystal Oscillator (X2)
  • Crystal (X1)

  • Various pins, headers and jumpers
  • 8x R2k2
  • 3x Capacitors 100nF (104)

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This module has not yet been tested, so I dont know if it works.
It is intended as an experimental board for exploring the KIO chip.
The module is a bit higher than normal RC2014 modules due to the size of the chip.