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#44d Memory Module (RAM + ROM)


  • RAM 32kb
  • ROM 2 banks x 32kb (64kb)
  • 51 x 102 mm
  • RC40 bus connector


  • PCB - 41d
  • DIP-28 socket (2x)
  • DIP-14 socket (2x)
  • RAM 26256 (32kb)
  • ROM 27C512 (64kb)
  • 74HCT32
  • 74HCT04
  • 100nF capacitors (4x)
  • pins and jumpers
  • 1x40 pin angled male connector

My Image
My Image

To get this module to run, you need a special boot ROM.
The recomended ROM image consist of 2 banks; the first 32kb Basic and the second SCMonitor.
Selection is performed by switching between bank 1 and 2.

The 32kb basic is copyright Microsoft and Grant Searle. Grant's Homepage

The SCMonitor is copyright Steve Cousins. A detailed user manual can be found here. Small Computer Central

The ROM image would be given the code "R0009000" in RC2014 terminology. ROM LABELS