The Z180 CPU kit ("Black Adder")

This project started with updating the Z180 CPU module (#25), but become a much larger project. I designed the first Z180 module (#28) in late spring 2018, and I made also linear memory module (#68) at the same time as a part of a 80pin bus project. The linear memory module was not supported by any means so it was parked. I then explored using the 64k RAM modules based on S.M.Baker (#42) and Grant Searle (#45) with the the Z180, which did work with SCM but not natively. Later ROMWBW 1.9.1pre7 was released and this gave native support to the Z180 cpu, and this led me to build a 512kRAM/512kROM module (#65) based on S.M.Baker/S.Kiselev's design. I could now run Z180 with a 3 module setup. Steve Cousins made later a special version of SCM giving native support for Z180. As the development of ROMWBW continued (v1.9.1pre11) it supported linear memory. I did then revive the linear memory module (#68).

I made also a linear memory module (#69) with CF-adapter, at present it doesn't not work. I have experienced problems with EasyEDA and the solder pads for the IDE connector. After Christmas 2018, the autorouter shorts the pads, and it have taken me months to figure out how to solve this. I have now found a solution, but some of my projects have been significantly delayed due this problem.

To celebrate my one year aniversary in the retro computer community, I will sell this kit in a limited number. And in order to make it special the kit will be released with black PCBs.


#25d Z180 Module.
This is a replacement for my previous Z180 CPU module (#28b). All signals on the CPU are accessible.
This module have been tested using ROMWBW 1.9.1 and works with:
1) Marten Feldtmann's and mine (#68) 512kRAM/512kROM linear memory modules.
2) Spencer Owen's and mine (#65) 512kRAM/512kROM paged memory modules.

3) 64kb RAM memory modules (#42 and #45)
using SCM S4 and external serial module. I have not played with SCM for a while so the support may have improved.
4) This module should also work with Steve Cousins SC119, and Tom Szolyga's linear memory board, but this has not been tested.

#68b Linear Memory Module.
(#69 is variant with SC-adapter, not working)
This module is very simplistic, utilising the memory managing unit on the Z180 (and possible also CPUs with extended addressing range), addressing up to 1mb memory, with the lower 512k ROM/Flash ROM and upper 512k RAM.

Using ROMWBW Z180nat v1.9.1, kindly permission by Wayne Warthen.

#10e Storage module, w/ CF-drive.
This is a simple module for connecting a CF-drive. This module is the first (as I know ) half size module.

BackPlane 5c
This is my favourite backplane, just enough slots and with an ideal size.
- 5 slots with RC80 bus

Other Z180 modules

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#65a Pageable Memory Module. 512kb RAM and 512kb ROM, based on S.Kiselev and S.M. Baker's design. Z180 CPU works with ROMWBW 1.9.1pre7 or later.

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#69 Linear Memory module with 44pin IDE connection.
512kb RAM
Memory part works, not the Storage part.