In Progress

I tend to start projects before finishing others, so it may take time from start to finish of a project. I have decided to present some of the projects that have been in development for some time. I can not guarantee that any of these modules will reach a final working stage.

#45g Memory Module, with 64kb ROM and 128kb RAM module. I have spent a lot of time tweeking this module, but I am still not satisfied.

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#62a Memory and Storage Module. This module is made to work together with #63 as a two module full CP/M kit.

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Z180, The Black Series

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#25d Z180 Module. My #28b Z180 module works pretty well with the ROMWBW 512kRAM/ROM module. But I have started redesigning it to make the ports of the cpu more accessible.

Its coming together but still some tweaking before release.

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The revised Z180 works very well, and I have also made two memory modules accompanying the Z180 module.

#65 based on SM Baker's design; 512k RAM and 512k ROM.

#69 linear memory module with 512k RAM and 512k ROM (based on Martin Feldtmann's design), have also added a 44pin IDE connector for attaching CF memory cards.

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